Storm Water Department

Storm water run-off is one of the leading causes of water pollution. Together, we can prevent storm water pollution and keep our communities safe and clean.

The City of Decatur has been mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to obtain and maintain a permit from the State of Indiana. The permit is intended to minimize the impact of urban water run-off on our water quality and maintain the City’s storm water management system.

The Storm Water Utility Department was formed in January 2004. The Department performs administrative services, maintains this permit, makes capital improvements, conducts field inspections, and increases public awareness on storm water pollution.

Land Disturbance Permit

Disturbed acres are defined as "the area of the project in which the surface of the land is disturbed by excavations, embankments, land development, residential lot construction, and mineral extraction and moving, depositing or storing of soil, rock. or earth, or other earth moving activity."

Land Disturbance Permit Fees

The following fees will be charged for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan reviews that disturb one acre or more of land. The applicant will submit cash, check or money order made payable to: Decatur Storm Water Dept. Pay fee at the City of Decatur Utilities Department located on the 1st floor of City Hall. Or mail to: City of Decatur, Utilities Storm Water Dept., 172 N. 2nd St. Decatur, IN 46733.

Acreage will be calculated to the nearest whole acre, no fractional total will be used.

If the applicant fails to directly address and attempt to resolve concerns expressed by the Storm Water Department, and such actions require more than two plan reviews, a $150 fee will be imposed for each submission thereafter.



1-4.99 $250
5 and over $250 + $15/additional acre

Unwanted Prescriptions

Proper disposal of prescription medications is crucial to keeping our water supply clean. In the past, people have been advised to flush unwanted medications down the toilet. Even after waste water is treated, these medications are still present in bodies of water, rivers, streams, and city water. This medicated water is then ingested by ourselves, our animals, and absorbed by crops and other plants. The City of Decatur encourages citizens to use one of the following prescription disposal methods.

Anonymous Drop-off

The Police Department is now a drop-off point for any out-dated, unneeded, or over-the-counter medications. Any Adams County resident who wishes to dispose of medicine, either liquid or pill, may drop them off anonymously in the orange box at the Decatur Police Department, 112 South 7th St. People are asked to remove the patient name on the label. If you are not disposing in the original container, please put pills in a zip lock bag.

Trash Disposal

Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management advises that people may dispose of unwanted medicines in the regular trash.

  1. Place pills in a container with vinegar to dissolve.
  2. Sediment will form at the bottom of the container as the pills dissolve.
  3. The contents of that container can be put into a glass bottle or a zip lock bag.
  4. Add cat litter to the bag or bottle until all liquid is absorbed.
  5. When all of the liquid is absorbed, the entire container can be disposed of in the trash.

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