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What is the Capital Campaign?

The Greater Decatur Capital Campaign is a community effort to provide funding to those projects that have been identified to enhance quality of life initiatives in the City of Decatur. More than $15 million in quality of life capital projects have been identified for the completion over the next 10 years; we are currently working to fund Phase I projects.

What are the Phase I projects?

  • Downtown Nature Preserve
  • Monroe Street Bridge
  • Monroe Street Streetscape
  • 2nd Street Streetscape
  • 2nd Street Lofts, business accelerator and arts/cultural center

How did these projects become Phase I projects?

The current project list has been prioritized in phases, based on objective criteria such as project readiness, available financing, site control, community and regional impact, community support, and the project's ability to spur community growth.

How much do Phase I projects cost, and how are we paying for them?

Project                                                                                      Total

Downtown Nature Preserve                                                   $300,000

Monroe Street Bridge/St. Mary's Gateway                             $943,500

2nd Street Streetscapes                                                       $3,845,075

2nd Street Lofts                                                                    $7,186,000

What are we asking for?

As a starting point, we've set a goal of $3.5 million - $2.5 million for Phase I projects and $1 million for an endowment fund to ensure project sustainability.  And, we're looking for 2,000 community partners to take ownership of these community projects.  No matter if your contribution is $5 or $50.000, we are excited to share in these projects with all of Decatur.

How do I make a contribution?

There are a variety of ways to contribute to the Capital Campaign. You can give securely online at by clicking on "donate now" under the contact us tab on the homepage; there is a fee for giving online through the ACCF website. Also, you may contact any member of the Greater Decatur Capital Campaign committee, simply click on the contact list under "downloads" on the right-hand side of this page. The Adams County Community Foundation is administering the Decatur Community Fund. If you are unable or unprepared to contribute the entire gift at this time, we will gladly accept your contribution in equal installments during the next four years. We ask that you consider making your first installment as soon as you are able to do so. We can also invoice you for future installments if that would be helpful. Your contribution will be tax deductible.


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